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Welcome to Kumeta

Your competent partner for Products
made of recycled plastics

Kumeta Plastics and Metals Recycling GmbH is a manufacturer of products made of recycled plastics.

Our speciality is processing plastics fractions resulting from cable recycling.

The firm has specialised in the environmentally friendly production of solid sole plates as a supply component of construction site barriers and traffic control systems.

Since the founding of the firm in the year 1991, Kumeta GmbH have been able to establish a permanent position in the market with their quality products.

Kumeta GmbH employs 18 people
and is a 100% subsidiary of

Zirec Kabelaufbereitungs-GmbH

(Zirec Cable Processing GmbH).


KUMETA Kunststoff- und Metallaufbereitungs-GmbH


Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 1-5

D-64625 Bensheim


Telefon: (49) 06251-1003-0

Telefax: (49) 06251-1003-15


E-Mail: info@kumeta.de

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